martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

a kinda, sort of night

Ok, this story is kind of crazy.

Earlier today I had agreed with my new american friend (?) C. about going to Zuzu tonight. He got off work somewhat late, and I was feeling somewhat tired. But since I decided to move over with B., I thought it was time to have more fun. You know, mindless fun. Not the hook up kind of fun. Plus, I love Zuzu, even if it's sort of ladies' night on Tuesdays. But that's Ok. Ladies can be fun...not. Whatever.

I took care of my wiid situation for the last time, well, you know what I mean. I don't know who's gonna hook me up now, since B.'s gone. But I decided to have fun tonight. And damn, I felt good about it.

I talked to C. and told me it was better to meet at either Park Street or Central Square because it was easier for him. So I went to take the Number 1 Bus, which would get me to Central Square in Cambridge, but damn, that felt like forever. I took some interesting pics in the meantime and I believe they showed some sides of me I never saw before. That's a good thing. I felt different tonight. I felt good.

Even though some crazy old man stared at me at the Bus Stop for the whole time he was there, I waited. He was starting to make me feel nervous ever since he got there. So I felt relieved when the Bus came by. I got in and it started to run when I saw a slim blonde guy trying to catch up the Bus before it was too late. He got lucky. The driver stopped and let him in. Oh wait, it was my friend C. No wonder he looked so familiar. Weird. But it got weirder when before he said "hi", he tried to say something about his mom and his phone. It didn't make any sense, then. He later picked up a phone call and sat on the back seats to speak more peacefully and quietly to the person I guessed it was his mom. I didn't mind at all. In fact, it was so much better that way. We would got in at Zuzu at the same time.

The bus stopped at Hynes Convention Center, as it was supposed to do, and someone got in. We both made eye contact for a few seconds, before I shied my eyes away. Didn't want to look so obvious. But it was impossible to not to stare again. Maybe younger, but so damn fine...and I'm not talking only about the outside...there's was something about the attitude that caught my eye. It was different...the kind I like. We both recognized each other's eyes and I know I let myself show easily. I started laughing for no reason. A good laugh, though. I looked again, and we were staring at each other. Good visual contact for several seconds, and a mutual smile after that. I would call it a "Hi" smile. Words weren't needed.

My friend C. was still talking on the phone, and I was still looking at the Stranger. I knew what was going on now. It was obvious after pulling out the pockets some organic/natural-not-sure-what-they're-made-of handmade cigarrettes. I liked that. It meant: "Already done with the wiid". I was just starting, and it showed.

I felt in a competition of "looking at you, looking at me, but not at the same time" game. We were in a bus, and there are reflections of ourselves on the windows. There was no secret. But at the same time it was. Just between both of us.

I wondered what the stop was gonna be. Very inside of me I prayed for Central. But I knew it wasn't. The black shirt, the jeans, the casual shoes. Home was the final stop, must has been coming from somewhere else. And to think my night had just begun.

Unfortuntaley, a few minutes later we were at Central Square and I'd been talking to C. for a while before that. You know, random things. But my mind, and sometimes eyes, were on the Stranger. After making 2 of the above mentioned cirgarrettes, it was my time to do something...or maybe not. Maybe it was like a in a Hollywood Movie, we would meet again somewhere else. Who knows? Boston is kind of small. Before getting out of the Bus, I looked into the Stranger's eyes, and we said Goodbye. Well, literally, I mouthed a single "Bye" and with the look I felt the same answer towards me. I will never know for sure how it would have been in case of actually saying something, but with the quirky smile, I'm positive it would've been good enough for me.

My night started after that, and everything suddenly went good. I cheered to "Respect" with someone who wasn't supposed to be there, but it was all about showing "respect" and "I don't give a fuck". Probably the most random thing ever happened to me in a long time. Not saying it's a bad thing, though. Sometimes, it's just better not to know it all and just go with the flow. It just took 2 shots to do so.

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