viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

flying high

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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

early mourning

A few hours ago I received through Facebook an invitation for an event. When I checked it said: "Lisman Ato Funeral's Service". What? I though I was misreading. I read again. A funeral? I clicked in and I read the whole thing, described as if it were another trvial event. I could only read the words "celebrating his life" and "sudden lost". Was he dead? No. This must be a joke. But it's not April's Fool Day. What is this?

I got into his Facebook profile and there it was. Hundred of wall posts talking about his death, saying goodbye like he could actually read them. I've always wondered, why do people do that? Why'd they leave messages on his profile, knowing he's not gonna check it again? There's something poetic and creepy about it. Some people were asking the same question I had in my mind...What happened? The last time I saw him was during the Hurricaine Irene weekend in New York City. We bumped into each other. Actually, that was kind of unpurposed. I knew he worked there and I was hoping to see him after such a long hiatus. And there he was. Right exactly at the place we met a year ago. I remember that moment vividly. It was so different from everything I'd experienced before. We had a great time. We kept in touch. Even though we weren't really close friends, we had an unique connection. A platonic relationship. We could've bumped into each other from time to time, and still feel the same.

I couldn't help but crying, I cried so hard it gave me a headache. I was in a state of shock. I couldn't fathom, and still can't, why such a bright young life had to be taken away so fast, so soon. He had so many dreams and ambitions, and he was working damn hard for them; he was on his way. Deep inside I hope he's reading what I'm writing and know I'm feeling his loss. New York won't ever be the same for me. The New York I knew for the first time is no longer there. And everytime I walk by the place he used to work, I'll remember him.

This made me think how short life is. How short life can be for someone. Sometimes, it can be a reminder to re evaluate whatever you're doing with your life, with your youth, and to think whether it is the right thing. To think whether you are living to the fullest and to make sure you're not wasting a minute of it. I've lost many people in my life. Friends, relatives. And everytime I make myself the same question: "What am I doing with my life?". It's time to make priorities and appreciate what I have right now, not what I am missing. I have to remember that if someone or something is not present in my life, it's not worth my time missing it, even if it's not the easiest thing to do.

Lisman, I'm sure you touched many lives, and I want you to know you touched mine. Thanks for being part of it, and making my first memory of New York, unforgettable.



If I was anything this weekend, was a badass.

I failed my last session's test, which means I didn't graduate from the English Program. At first I couldn't believe it, I'd never failed anything in my life. I always had this idea that I was able to do anything I want, and get away with mine. As I get older, this seems to be less and less effective. I end up paying the consequences. I failed. So what? I'm not obligated to please anyone. And there's no way I repeat that test. Fuck it.

I met 3 people today. And I liked one of them. We just sat on the steps outside and they invited me a drink that I don't remember what it was, but it tasted good. They asked me a lof of questions. It felt nice. One of them left early, and we remained 3. I only know the name of one of them, M. The others...damn I don't remember! I was left alone with the one I found cute, and I'm sure we exchanged flirtatious looks. I'm sure. I was in a 420 mode, so I'm right.

They felt hungry and we went to Jae's together, just to walk them. "It" played funny, silly and "friendly" games on me, and I went with the flow. It was so funny. I was kinda scared I might have been to obvious in front of M:, but I think I was discreet enough.

Once in the house, they gave me some Thai soup. I loved it. They were so nice to me. I was hungry but I didn't want to show. But "It" knew it and I couldn't say no. Who says no to free food? We got in M's room and to my surprise, there was a very cool balcony outside, surrounded by Christmas lighting, a table, and a couple of chairs. I realized then that the music from the background came from artists like Sade, P!nk, and other contemporary pop artists. M. sang along with many of them. Tiny voice, but judging by the keyboards and guitars hanging in the room, must be a musician. While M. got lost for a while, it gave me the opportunity to talk more in depth with "It". And how I took it. We talked about life and traveling. For instances I thought that M. left us alone unpurposed. We sorta flirted, in a friendly way. Started talking about his lovely dog, Gale (or Gail) and showed me so many cute pics. It would had been a sincere and genuine moment if it weren't because I saw that same dog 3 nights ago. I played with the dog. In fact, I was in the same house 3 nights ago. When "It" told me the dog was also being shared with the ex; I shrugged. I'd hooked up with M.'s roomate, a.k.a. "It"'s former partner.

I played my part well, and I had to tell a few lies. Later, before the ex came with the dog, which "It" said repeatedly they were on the way, I called it a night and left home before something really awkward would happen. I had fun, and they are people I would like to hang out again. But I don't think it's gonna happen. I better save up everyone a bad moment.

But if something I learned this year, I won't get away with mine. I'll pay, and big time. Not that I care. I'm a badass now.


miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

the new next door

I got a new neighboor. I think he's the coolest guy I've met in Boston. He just moved from Florida, but before that he lived 3 years in Spain. As you can tell, his spanish is perfect. And he has the accent. His name is J. Since then, we've spoken a few more times and he's very easy going and we get along great. I'm jealous that his room is bigger than mine, though. Oh well, maybe it's the wooden floor.

Sometimes at night I hear him playing the guitar, or the trompet; he's great at both. He's waiting to get admit into Berklee College, reason why he came here in the first place. I think he's 420, so maybe that's why I like his vibe. I offered him help and it was cool to see he accepted it, unlike other americans who pretend they don't need anyone or anything. Socially suspicious and unfriendly, I would say. As open minded and progressive people are stated here to be, you never know sometimes.

Also, I met his friend, a curly funny shorter guy who helped him to move in. I don't remember his name, but he seemed to be as cool a J. I sometimes now see him playing music or walking down the hall. I doubt will have pictures but I'm try to get ones. My cam's not working, though.

I feel the rest of my staying will be filled with cool people and a lot of good music.


martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Why does home feel like winter
where everything is frozen to death,
where the sun fades into nothing
and reality turns cold?

pic of the day

Taken at Newbury Street, Boston, MA.


lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

the end of summer

A lot of things happened in 15 days since I posted for the last time.

To make some long stories short:

1. I met up with B. one more time. I know, I should kill myself. But after asking me where I was when I was in NY, I came up with an idea. I bought two pipes, one for me (it was about time) and one for B. It didn't matter to me at all to do so, it was cheap and if you ask me, it was a pretty good idea. A risky one, but there's a saying that know it. B. seemed to dig it, and I thought it made me look pretty cool and mysterious, and it worked...kind of. Tangible results are still to be expected.
Despite that, I felt a sense of calmness and satisfaction that I never felt after everytime I met B. I can't say why, but I just feel like I left my mark. No matter what happens with B. after now, I won't be forgotten. Jot that down.

2. My mom and sister came to visit, and we had a great time. I missed my mom, she is so cool about everything. We look alike so much, inside and outside. Also, they met my best friend A. That was weird, but it came out unforced and even sweet. Irene almost ruined it, but that bitch ain't nothing.

3. My friend A. finally came back from her trip. She moved to Allston and I've gotten acquaintanced with her roomate, also A. I'll call her A2. We get along pretty well. I missed A., she's crazy but I'm crazy too so it's a mix of cool crazyness.
I've started to think I'm a bad influence on her, and even on A2. Well, I wouldn't say a bad influence, but I've definitely felt they've broken ground a bit with me. Maybe because they are still young and I'm...not as young as them. Perhaps I'm understimating them a bit, young kids aren't what they were once, and frankly, I don't give a damn.
So, you're welcome.

I declare this 2011 Summer oficially ended.

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