sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

weekend - failed and succeeded

This weekend promised a lot of good stuff.

I was not supposed to be here at home. Instead, I should be soaking the sun up at B's hometown, but it didn't happen. Damn, I wanted to happen!

For a second scenario, I could be at New York City with my friend W. and her siblings distracting myself from my frustrated and failed first chance, probably hooking up with the bartender from the other night. Damn, I also wanted that to happen!

Thank God for my friend J. She never lets me down. Despite she got very very late, we still did our wiid thing and had a blast talking about repressed feelings and laughing our asses off. Oh, and we had very very good frozen yogurs at Pinkberry. And maybe a couple of sandwiches after that. Damn, at last something good happened!

Style Mood: Hipster at the end of Summer

Tee: BDG
Pants: Commute
Shades: Forever 21
Shoes: Tom's
Belt: H&M


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