domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

rainy sunday

This Sunday wasn't really different fromt the previous one.

After taking care of my wiid situation, I made plans with my quasi-friend E. She's very cute, but I had to let her know that I'm not gonna take another stood up like the last one she did. No way. I had my outfit to prove it.

We watched Final Destination 5 on 3D. Worst way to spend money ever. I'd rather paid that amount of money on clothes or food. Are you kidding me? No wonder I don't go to the movies anymore.

This night now belongs to me. To my wiid and my bottle of water. Just me and mi Ipod.
See you downstairs.

Style Mood: Combat Nature

Tee: H&M
Pants: Commune
Boots: Dr. Martens
Shades: Forever 21


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