jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

ignorance is bliss

Everyone is prejudice. That is a fact that has probably existed from the moment we started to "have" and "be" something, either for your appareance,, your car (or lack of), your social status, or whatever is obvious to any of your senses at the very first meeting. Our educated instinct always tell us what is good and what is bad because our concerned parents always took care of us in a way that nothing or anyone would harm us, or worse, our reputation. So through the years, we learned different things about life and while growing up, we always saw glimpses of the real world, which means, they pretty much hid the majority of it. I get it, we, as kids, need to be protected from the cruel world that is outside and make sure we would be able to follow the path they want us to follow so they could be proud when we become sucessful adults. In short words, they want us to be perfect.

But as a result, most kids become ignorants. While pursuing their parent's dreams, they become unaware of how many different people exist not only in the world, but even in their own city. For me it's unbearable that with all the technology, information and social changes happening in the world, they still stick to their narrow-minded one. I cannot believe that for them anyone who doesn't appear normal o perfect (whether it's race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etcetera), is reason enough to discard her/him. Everyone has not one, not two, not three but several flaws. Some of the imperfections people might have, it's not because it was their fault. As cliché as it might sounds, those "flaws" are what make someone different from the rest. And different IS good. However, they cannot be called "flaws" because the real ones for me comes from within, those behavior patterns adquired from parents or even stupider people they hang out with that only get the worse of them. You should seriously look yourserlf in the mirror. You might see things, flaws, that I'm sure you would want to change.

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