martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

strange encounters with the not so strange

Have you ever feel in the middle of an awkward situation? I don't mean it in a bad way...sometimes they can end up being better than you expected. Not sure if this is the case, though.

My friend AF from Venezuela texted me and said she had someone for me in Boston that wanted to meet me. It surprised me because I'm pretty sure I know almost every venezuelan here. His name was L. She wasted no time in saying what he supposedly think of me, saying he found me very handsome. I don't know why, but it's like a bump to my ego everytime I hear someone saying something like that, especially coming from a guy I don't know; it kind of makes me like him immediatly. Well, that was until she sent me his pictures and, of course I was right. I knew him. I'd seen him in Boston before. But that didn't stop the shock.

L. is a very well known guy among fancy people from my hometown. He comes from a wealthy family and I heard a rumor from a close source to him that he was gay. I remember being shocked with the news because he had a very public relationship with a girl for like, 2 years. But she wasn't any girl. She was my friend from elementary school. But that's not the shocking part. The thing is, she's dead. She, along with 4 friends, died in a terrible car accident I won't even bother to talk about, nor remember. I reckon seeing him crying and mourning over his dead girflriend.

Now, the weird part.

He added me to his BBMSN, and he started asking me these trivial questions about my life in Boston and what I had been up to since I got here. Then, he asked me about my plans for tonight. I already had plans with my friend A to go dinner. So, I came up with this great idea (at least on paper) about getting together the three of us for dinner, so I won't be alone with him, yet remain friendly. What am I gonna talk to him about? I can't get over the fact that he was boyfriend with a girl that was my friend and now is dead. I'm thinking that her death might have made him realize how short life is and decided to come out. I don't think he's come out completely, but oh well. Who am I to judge him over that? Is even fair to not being able to get over that fact?

Anyway, it's 7:14 pm and dinner is at 8:30 pm. I gotta get ready. Not for dress, but for conversation subjects. Thank God for my little crazy friend A, whose tongue is sharper than butcher's knife.


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